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T.O.P. Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 9

By Javier Lopez in T.O.P. Magazine

30 pages, published 2/18/2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014

New Interview: Figg Panamera (JT The Bigga Figga) Speaks with Bay Area Compass

Figg Panamera AKA JT The Bigga Figga speaks on his move to ATL and how his Bay Area Independent hustle blew up in the south. Figg speaks on his new release Independent Game 2 and his current situation in the music industry. Figg also provides some dope feed back on what cats trying to come up should do and also speaks on his new CEO manual soon to be released. Figg also breaks down the Messy Marv beef and sends a quick message to Marv Press play and hear his thoughts!

New Music: The Sly Show Mac Dre Mix (07/21/14)

  1. Mac Dre - Err-Thang
  2. Mac Dre - Early Retirement
  3. Mac Dre - The Mac Named Dre
  4. Mac Dre ft. Little Bruce - Chevs & Fords
  5. Mac Dre - Fa My Niggaz
  6. Mac Dre - If It Ain't Real
  7. Mac Dre - Retro Dance Record
  8. Mac Dre - Grown Shit
  9. Mac Dre ft. Rydah J. Klyde & Mac Mall - Giggin

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Video: Boss Click by Cookie Money ft. Elzie

Cookie Money connects with Damon Jamal on this new visual!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Video: #ItsMobbin Intro by Mobbin Mel

Yup, this right here is just a promo visual but still dope!

New Video: Aye Wassup by Wizzo Mack

Wizzo Mack releases the official visual for Aye Wassup! SO whats good huh? #510 stand up!

New Music: 211 4 Life Or No Life by M.A. Da Pilot

You remember that Fuck Su track we dropped a couple of months ago? M.A. Da Pilot is back but this time with a whole mixtape titled 211 4 Life Or No Life.

New Video: Life Of A Stoner by Mack & Siri

Mack & Siri drop the official visual for Life Of A Stoner. You see them in those streets tho!

New Music: When I Hit It Ima Kill It by Simon Says, Ant Rich 415 & 3 First Names

Simon Says, Ant Rich 415 & 3 First Names connect on a CJ Productions track and bring us the official track for When I Hit It Ima Kill It!

New Video: The Origin Story by YaBoiM.O.E

YaBoiM.O.E speaks about his personal background and also explains where his label Spoiled Lyfe Media Group came from.

New Video: Goomba Flexin by Marlow Montana

Marlow Montana connects with FamilyFirstJ to bring us the official visual for Goomba Flexin.
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